Extreme Unction

Parishioners should contact one of the priests. In a case of a true sacramental emergency, such as danger of death due to illness, one should call the emergency line at the parish. To do this, call (717) 889-4217 and dial extension 9. It is wise also to heed the instruction of the Roman Ritual, which requires the following items to be arranged in the room of the sick person when the priest arrives:

* In the chamber of the sick person there should be a table covered with a white cloth;
* placed there should be a container with cotton or similar material made into six separate pellets to bc used in wiping the parts anointed;
* a small piece of bread for cleansing the priests fingers, 
* and a bowl of water for washing his hands;
* a wax candle to be ignited later to give light to the priest at he performs the anointings.

In fine, it shall be his concern that everything is as clean and orderly as possible for the administration of this sacrament.

This short 1962 video from Irish television gives a nice presentation on preparation for sick calls.