Becoming Catholic

007If you are interested in the Catholic Faith, you are most welcome to come and spend some time here to get to know God through the Church that he established here on earth. We very warmly welcome you to engage with us at whatever level you find most comfortable. We have a class for those interested in the Catholic Faith on Saturdays at 3:30 pm, to which you are welcome simply to show up (come to the front door at 112 State Street and ring the bell). You are also welcome to reach out to one of the priests if you would like a one-on-one conversation

In addition, you are invited to come to Mass on a Sunday or a weekday (when it is less crowded) and just watch the liturgy. Of course non-Catholics would not go to receive Communion (until you've been received into the Church), but you would benefit much from a spiritual communion, and you would be edified by the mystical silence of the Low Mass and by the ancient Gregorian chant sung by our choir at High Mass.

In short, we invite you to consider this place your spiritual home—even if informally—until all of your doubts have been addressed and the Lord's wonderful grace has had its way with your soul.