Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

His Eminance Raymond Cardinal Burke on enthroning the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the home:

The center of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the Enthronement of the image of the Sacred Heart in the home. By the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, we link the tabernacle of our parish church to our home, inviting our Lord to be our constant and most intimate companion. The Enthronement is a way of life. It means that Christ is King of our hearts and we desire Him to be present with us always. In other words, by the Enthronement, we signify our desire to make our hearts and our homes holy, to sanctify our lives in every aspect.

We invite all parishioners, but especially those who are new to St. Lawrence, to participate in this devotion, to have the Sacred Heart enthroned in your homes. Anyone seeking this ceremony should request it from his pastor. Hence, the priests of St. Lawrence Church would only be able to accommodate requests from registered parishioners.

Before a priest visits your home for this ceremony, two of the members of the parish's Legion of Mary præsidium will visit first to describe the devotion in detail. They will explain to you its meaning, and what preparation is needed to make it fruitful. They will bring you copies of this booklet for your reference.

Please provide the following information, which we will share with the Legion of Mary, who will follow up with you.

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